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Ol' Reliable™ 001 Series & 002 Series
Ol' Reliable 001 and 002 Series  

The Halogen Ol' Reliable™ Series of fixtures are ideal on machines with a dry OR light mist environment, heavy vibration, and high levels of flying metal debris.

The Halogen Ol' Reliable™ Series fixtures are dust proof, coolant and vibration resistant. Their reliability has been field proven for over two decades. These fixtures have been successfully used in heavy-duty press (stamping) operations across North America.

The HLP-001 Series operates with an external 12 or 24 volt transformer or can be wired directly to the 12 or 24 volt outlet in the machine control panel.

The HLP-002 Series should be utilized in applications that require 120 volt power source, and a low volume of coolant.

Superior Features

  • 67° of illumination provide accurate positioning
  • 5" light head provides intense lighting quality and accurate light disbursement to work area
  • Superior chip-resistant tempered glass lenses offer maximum safety to operator
  • The large T-bar handle provides easy positioning and operator safety
  • Five points of adjustment. Base offers 320° swivel
  • Fixtures ship standard with 75 watt/24 volt bulbs
  • Made of extruded anodized aluminum and comes standard with 6 feet of SJT oil-resistant cable
  • Import
  • CERTIFICATION: IP65 (waterproof)

Available Accessories:
The Tough Guy Magnet Base Assembly - 8 x 8” The Tough Guy Magnet Base Assembly - 8 x 8” Bi H3 Style Halogen Bulb
The Tough Guy Magnet Base Assembly - 8 x 8" Bi-pin Style Bulb H3 Style Halogen Bulb
Part NumberDescriptionVoltagePriceSpecificationsCart
HLP-001A Long arm, 24V, 75W, IP65, CE 24 $171.88
HLP-001B Medium arm, 24V, 75W, IP65, CE 24 $170.25
HLP-001C-12 Head and base, 12V, 75W, IP65, CE 12 $299.25
HLP-001C-24 Head and base, 24V, 75W, IP65, CE 24 $299.25
HLP-002A Long arm, 120/24V, 75W, IP65, CE 120 $216.88
HLP-002B Medium arm, 120/24V, 75W, IP65, CE 120 $216.88
HLP-100-BI-12 100W, bi-pin, 12V halogen 12 $17.75
HLP-22-001 001/002 series angle mounting bracket $20.10
HLP-23 001/002/003 series C-clamp $25.14
HLP-30 Magnet Base Assembly (8" X 8") $74.95
FLP-8 Magnetic cord Holder $16.95
HLP-50-BI-12 50 Watt Bulb 12 Volts Bi-pin 12 $17.75
HLP-70-H3-24 70W H3 style halogen bulb, 24V 24 $17.75
HLP-75-BI-12 75 Watt Bulb 12 Volts Bi-pin 12 $17.75
HLP-75-BI-24 75 Watt Bulb 24 Volts Bi-Pin 24 $17.75
HLP-99-001 .5 amp fuse $2.10
HLP-ET12/120 Electronic Transformer 12/120 V 12/120 $52.95
HLP-T12/120 120/12V coil transformer 12/120 $52.95
HLP-T24/120 Standard coil transformer 24/120 24/120 $52.95