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The Tough Guy™


The Tough Guy

...A truly Superior work light!


The Halogen Lighting Products Tough Guy™ series light fixtures are designed and built to perform in the most hostile industrial environment. Heavy coolant / machine lubricants, vibrations, flying metal chips, etc. are all in a days work for the Tough Guy™  series of industrial fixtures.

Superior Features

  • 5" diameter extruded anodized aluminum head is formed as a mono block, one piece unit without a leak-prone back plate. This provides a rigid, water tight housing against water or coolant intrusion; ensuring maximum reliability in harsh production applications.
  • Large, easy to grasp positioning knobs are standard. Once positioned, the fixture will withstand the most hostile coolant and vibration conditions without movement. Up to 5 points of adjustment and 320° swiveling allows pinpoint light distribution to the workplace area.
  • Chip resistant tempered glass lenses provide you with rugged maintenance free operation, and easy to clean lenses. No protective guards are needed that can diminish and distort illumination.
  • 67° of illumination, fully articulated arms, joints and bases are totally waterproof and ergonomically designed for ease of use in positioning fixture for optimum operator safety.
  • HLP-2000 transformers built into base.
  • T-bar handle and easy to grasp knobs provide easy positioning without special tooling or maintenance personnel. Bulbs are long life yet easily replaced by removing 6 screws and the gasketed tempered glass lens. 75 watt, 24 volt halogen bulbs are standard, offering intense white light for the operator. The Tough Guy™ HLP-1000 series fixtures operate either with an external 24 volt transformer, or they can be wired directly to the 24 volt power source at the machine control panel. For a 12 volt application, simply replace with a 12 volt bulb.
  • Import
  • Certification: IP67 (Waterproof Under Pressure)
  • CE Mark of Declaration
  • TÜV Rheinland

Available Accessories:
Part NumberDescriptionWattsVoltageCord LengthTransformerSpecificationsPriceCart
HLP-2000L Long arm, 120/24V, 75W, IP67 75 120 6 ft. w/plug Yes/Base $406.75
HLP-2000M Medium arm, 120/24V, 75W, IP67 75 120 6 ft. w/plug Yes/Base $389.75
HLP-2000S Head and base, 120/24V, 75W, IP67 75 120 6 ft. w/plug Yes/Base $298.75
HLP-1000L Long arm, 24V, 75W, IP67 75 24 6 ft. No $339.25
HLP-1000M Medium arm, 24V, 75W, IP67 75 24 6 ft. No $336.75
HLP-1000S Head and base, 24V, 75W, IP67 75 24 6 ft. No $279.00
HLP-75-BI-24 75 Watt Bulbs 75 24 $17.75
HLP-50-BI-24 50W bi-pin style halogen bulb, 24V 50 24 $17.75
HLP-70-H3-24 70W H3 style halogen bulb, 24V 70 24 $17.75
HLP-T24-2000 Replacement Transformer 120/24 $63.54
HLP-30 Magnet Base Assembly (8" X 8") $74.95
HLP-24-005 Magnet $25.75
HLP-29-005 Surface Plate $31.95